Naturepark hotel is in the beginning of the içeridere valley.You can get to the hotel by walking straight from the square in front of the mosque.It is a five minute distance from the bus station on foot.

How to come to cappadocia?

- There are regular flights to Kayseri and Nevşehir airports from istanbul.
- Tuzköy (Nevşehir) airport is 35 km to Göreme and Kayseri airport is 75 km to Göreme
- There are direct buses from istanbul to Göreme

You can call the bus companies from this numbers:

Süha Turizm - 444 38 38
Nevşehirliler Seyahat - 444 50 50
Öncü Göreme Turizm - 444 00 07
Metro Turizm - 444 34 55

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